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Peerless Hinged Cuffs Model 801 PR-4801
Sale price: $40.99
  • The Peerless Model 801 series hinged handcuffs have become a standard piece of police equipment for many police agencies worldwide.
  • The Peerless 801 hinged handcuffs provide additional restraint by more effectively restricting hand and arm movements.
  • The Peerless model 801 hinged handcuffs feature all steel construction, spun rivets, machined edges and smooth single strand action.
  • These Peerless handcuffs have the ability to fold flat for compact storage.
  • The Peerless 801 handcuffs have a 10% larger inside perimeter then the Peerless model 700 handcuffs.
  • These hinged handcuffs have been approved by the National Institute of Justice.
  • Peerless handcuffs come with a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects

 Valid Law Enforcement ID is required for any purchase of handcuffs/restraints